Mountain Biking


Cycling Frosh is trying something new for 2019 – this year it will become Mountain Biking Frosh! Stay tuned for more details.

Packing List

  • Clothes for three days of cycling and outdoor activities (Remember Frosh runs rain or shine and we’re outside all day so come prepared for the weather!)
  • Warm socks, mittens and a toque (warm hat!) in case it’s chilly at night
  • A waterproof jacket and pants
  • A swim suit for the lake
  • Your favourite sun hat
  • Running shoes or sneakers that you can bike and hike in
  • Comfy clothes for sleeping in tents and hanging out around a campfire
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Bugspray
  • Personal toiletries and medication
  • A sturdy water bottle
  • Sleeping bags, tents, panniers, and bikes are included, but bring your own if you have them for comfort and convenience!

2018 Coords

Saeesh Magwani

Hi all! I’m a U2 student studying Environment and Development and Urban Geography, and I’m super stoked to be one of your biking coords this year! I’m from the city of Pune in India – a magical land where urbanism, rolling hills and rainforests unite – and I’ve been biking for pretty much my whole life (so you’ll be in good hands ;)). I love to travel, and also to partake in several other forms of outdoorsiness like trail running, hiking, swimming, kayaking, Ultimate, etc (you know how it goes). During the school year, you can probably find me at one of the climbing gyms around the city, the TNC theatre at Morris Hall, or reading/mapmaking/daydreaming at the Geography lounge in Burnside. I’m super excited for the new year, as I’m hoping to get more involved in research and also to connect more with the city beyond McGill. I look forward to seeing you all soon, and for all of the great frosh moments that are to come.

Kate Marr-Laing

Hey! I’m a third year in Political Science and Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies. I love cycling, hiking, backcountry skiing, whitewater paddling and anything else that gets me into the mountains! I believe that the outdoors are for everyone, that fresh air is always better than library air, and that that should be a legitimate excuse to miss an exam. This is my second year involved with the Outdoor Club’s Frosh team and I am super stoked to meet you all and go adventuring together! I can’t wait to show you all this beautiful city, and all the trees it has to offer.


2018 Leaders

Morgen Bertheussen

Hi! My name is Morgen and I’m a U3 student in the McGill School of Environment! I am stocked to be bicycling with you all to OKA soon – I love everything that has to do with spending time outside and being active. I actually just came back from exchange in Norway, where I spent 7 months hiking, camping and being surrounded by the beautiful Norwegian nature. On top of hiking and camping, I also enjoy canoeing, running, skydiving, and biking (duh). Looking forward to spending a grand ol’time with you!


Kevin Vogel

Hi! I’m a U2 student from small town in Upstate New York in the honours history program and I’ve been outdoorsy for pretty much all of my life. I’ve gradually become a cycling enthusiast over the past few years and am looking forward to the trip this August! Here at McGill I’m a part of the debate team and I also write for The McGill Tribune on occasion. When I‘m not pretending to do work for school/munching on caramels from the Birks Reading Room, you can probably find me playing my saxophone in the metro or trying (failing) to take artsy photos around the city with friends. Although I’m looking into possible careers in government work or academia (read: I’ll have a boring desk job for the rest of my life), I find that it’s incredibly easy to take some time off to enjoy the outdoors even with a busy schedule. I hope that all of you will make fond memories after the trip, and I’m stoked to get to meet you all 🙂