Mountain Biking


This year’s mountain biking frosh is an ALL NEW OPTION that will be run out of the McGill Outdoors Club house in Prevost, QC. You will get the best of both worlds as we’ll be sleeping in real – yes real – beds, eating amazing food, AND enjoying the great outdoors! We will be biking on the trails in Val-David park, only a 20 minute drive away, chilling/listening to dope music in the House, and exploring the nearby swimming holes and hiking trails. No need to be an experienced mountain biker to come on this trip, as the trails in the park can accommodate different skill levels (flat for beginners and hills for the experienced/adventurous), and we’ll have enough leaders to run trails of different difficulty! You do, however, need to know how to ride a bike. Hope you chose to join us on this fun outdoor adventure!

2019 Coords


Outdoor nickname The Sog Man

Program Chemistry


No one ever taught me how to mountain bike properly but I sure have fun mountain biking

Where do you call home?

The West Island of Montreal (not worth a visit)

What are you most excited for about your option?

Quizzing froshies about their lives while they pant their way up a hill

If you could be any body of water, what would you be?


Favourite camping meal 

Onion on a stick

Fun fact!

I was knocked out cold by an icicle at the age of 12, I no longer understand puns

2019 Leaders


Trail Name – Goat Legs

Degree – Chemistry U2


Was always into regular cycling, but I never lived near mountains. Started mountain biking while on exchange in Spain during high school, fell in love with it immediately. Biking up hills fuels my inner hatred for escalators.

What song describes your soul?

Seagulls! (Stop it Now)

If you could be any kind of tree, which one would you be and why?

One of them small mountain conifers. If I’m a tree and I can’t move, I want to at least have a good view.

Voted most likely to….

Steal flags off big buildings


My favorite camping food is cold baked beans from the can.

An icicle fell off a building and onto my head when I was a young lad. The icicle broke but so did my head.

I’m a chem major but I almost got permanently kicked out of chemistry class in 8th grade.