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Cycling Frosh

Cycling Frosh

Biking will feature 2 exciting rides offering you the opportunity to explore both Montreal and some of Quebec’s beautiful countryside.

On the first day, we will ride out along the Lachine Canal, all the way down to the Saint Laurent, and then back up the canal to explore Montreal’s Old Port, and the parks on St Helen’s Island. In the evening, we’ll all meet downtown for a BBQ dinner and group activities. 

On the second day, we’ll hop in rental cars and head out to Val-David early in the morning to enjoy the great outdoors and bike along the P’tit Train du Nord, a scenic trail cutting through forest and river alike. The end of the day will include some more backcountry trails for froshies looking for some rolling terrain to bike along. Then, we’re going to meet up with the climbing frosh for a big collective dinner at the McGill Outdoors Club house in the small town of Prevost, where you’ll get to meet other froshies and share your stories. We’ll have time to kick back after a couple active days of biking, and will spend the night in Prevost.

The third day, we will spend a relaxing morning and lunch around Prevost, with a relatively flexible schedule (possibly checking out nearby swimming spots!), before heading back into Montreal. Froshies will have the option to meet up in the evening for another night to explore Montreal.

Day 1 Route
Day 2 Route