Hiking Frosh

Message from Josie (hiking coordinator):

Do you enjoy gazing at scenic views?? How about having amazing conversations in between gasps for air?? Oooor making friendships over trailmix and a shared love for walking up hills? If so, Hiking Frosh is for you! As long as you want to explore Quebec’s outdoors using the good ol’ shoe-leather-express, you’ll love Hiking Frosh. Yes, even if you spent quarantine catching up on Netflix shows – Hiking Forsh is open to all hiking abilities and prior experience levels. All you need is a good attitude and a pair of walking shoes. See you on the trails!

Our itinerary (overview):

We will be doing two amazing day hikes in Sutton Park and Mount Orford Park. You’ll have the opportunity to go to each of them on the two middle days of frosh (in alternating groups).