McGill Outdoors Frosh
Camping Frosh 2024

Camping Frosh 2024

DAY ONE → Embrace the first step on your journey as you hop aboard the bus bound for Secteur de la Rivière campground in Forêt Ouareau National Park. Feel the excitement as you arrive, setting up camp in a picturesque spot surrounded by trees and the gentle bubbling of the Rivière du Nord. Break some lunchtime bread with your fellow campers and wander along the river, basking in the beauty of nature. 

As the sun begins to set, hang out and cook dinner with your new pals. Then, as darkness falls, play games, and, of course, indulge in s’mores by the crackling flames of a glowing campfire. Drift off to sleep beneath the stars with the promise of tomorrow’s adventure in your mind.

DAY TWO → Rise early in the morning to cook breakfast while contemplating the day’s challenges. Alongside your newfound companions, start hiking up Mont 107 with a common energy and shared thirst for adventure. At some point, pause at a viewpoint as you eat lunch while gazing down to appreciate the natural beauty of Quebec’s forest. For those craving an extra dose of adventure, an optional extension awaits, offering the chance to explore more of the forest as you take on « Le Sommet ». Return to the campground as dusk approaches, filled with joy as you count your victories and enjoy another delicious dinner (the best food is when you’re hungry). Spend the night making art, playing more games, and hanging out around the fire, all with your new best friends!

DAY THREE → Rise again on your bittersweet last day in the wilderness. Take your time eating breakfast and breaking camp as you relish the memories of your short but amazing time in Ouareau. Rendez-vous with the backpacking group and exchange stories of your adventures as you wait for the bus to take you to the next chapter of your life at McGill with your new outdoor pals and unforgettable memories!