Who is eligible to participate in Frosh?

If you are an incoming first year McGill student or a visiting exchange student, you are eligible! 

When is Registration?

Registration will likely open sometime late in the week of August 8th, and you will receive an email from Campus Life and Engagement with all the details! 

What is the MOC?

‘MOC’ stands for McGill Outdoors Club and is one of the largest clubs at McGill. The execs of the MOC run trips throughout the year, from canoe trips in Mauricie Park to early morning hikes up Mont Royal. Members are also welcome to host trips and use the Listserv to invite others and make some new friends! Your registration fee for frosh will include a $20 membership fee, so you’ll be all set to participate in their events later on in the year! 

When is Frosh?

Frosh will take place between August 26th-29th, 2021

Can I participate in more than one frosh?

No, you will only be able to register for one frosh option this year. That being said, you’ll still be able to participate in the McGill orientation week (e.g., discovery day etc.) because these events occur before the days of frosh.

Do I have to have specific skills to participate in frosh? 

Outdoors Frosh is open to everyone! All of our activities will be beginner-friendly, and you’ll have lots of capable leaders around you to give you a helping hand. 

Can I participate in online and in-person events?

Yes, all online events will be open to everyone registered in our frosh. 

What do I do if I’ll be in quarantine during frosh? 

We are planning to hold a few online events, although due to our limited planning capacity we will not be able to hold a full schedule of online events. Faculty froshes will be offering fully hybrid frosh this year if you are interested in an online option. Don’t fret though! There will be lots of opportunities to get involved in the outdoors community at McGill, through the MOC or otherwise. If you’d like more information on how to get involved, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How much does frosh cost?

The cost of frosh varies from year to year, based on the expenses involved in planning. We run frosh as close to at-cost as possible to make it as affordable as we can. This year frosh will be $143. 55. If the price will stop you from participating in our frosh please reach out to us with a brief description of why you’d like to participate in frosh, and we will do our best to offer full or partial bursaries (please indicate which one you need when you write to us).