Do you like walking around nature? Do you like carrying your ENTIRE camp on your back? Do you like refreshing dips in pristine lakes after doing both aforementioned things? Well then you’re in luck because this year hiking frosh will provide you with all these things, and more! This year, after three days of activities introducing y’all to Montreal and each other, hiking frosh will be taking a group of eager and outdoors loving froshies on a two-night backpacking trip to the beautiful CAP360. This trip will be perfect for all levels of hikers, even those who never backpacked before. We will hike to a base camp, set-up, and then move out on different levels of day hikes which accommodate for all levels of comfort. We’re really stoked and can’t wait to hang out with you guys!

Packing List

Clothes – pack light as you’ll have to carry all your clothes! Quick dry/athletic gear is ideal

  • Shirts x3
  • Shorts x2
  • Long pants x1
  • Swim gear & small quick dry towel x1
  • Pair of socks x3 (at least 1 pair of warm socks, might get cold at night)
  • Underwear x3
  • Sweater – fleece/synthetic fabric is best, cotton won’t stay warm in the rain  x1
  • Rain jacket x1
  • A Sick Hat x1
  • Sunglasses
  • Toiletries (no need for shampoo and soap though, unless it’s eco-friendly)
  • Medication/epi pens

Gear – If there is an ‘R’ you can rent from the MOC!

  • Trekking backpack – 40L or more ‘R’ (you’ll be carrying food or possibly a tent!)
  • Sleeping bag – ‘R’
  • Sleeping mat – ‘R’
  • Hiking shoes
  • Camping shoes – comfy shoes for chilling at camp
  • Dry bag/Plastic bag/Food bag – for storing your share of the food
  • Tupperware+spoon/fork for eating
  • Flash light
  • Water bottle (we will provide aquatabs)
  • Can bring camera/phone but careful if it rains (be prepared with ziplock bags)
  • A GREAT attitude 😉

2018 Coords

Erika Hornecker

Ever since Erika could walk she has be hiking around, exploring, and understanding every little rock or hill she comes across. Now with the hiking experience that only living on three different continents could bring, Erika has been elevated from a simple outdoorsy woman to a true hardened trekker. Erika’s hiking knowledge is perfectly complemented by her physics major, knowing the exact amount of force needed to throw up a bear hang, the peak velocity which should be reached on a badass rope swing, and even the exact friction needed to make a fire without a lighter. Needless to say, Erika is the perfect leader for a successful hiking frosh. She cannot wait to help guide incoming froshies around Montreal, and then on a beautiful trek where they too can explore every rock and hill they come across.

Nick Zazula

The illest Albertan in Montreal, Nick has loved the outdoors since before he could grow his own wheat. His natural predisposition to nature-loving (as a prairie boy), was enhanced by his move to Vancouver Island, where he attended United World College. There, he fell in love with the incredible hiking trails the region has to offer, completing sections of the West Coast Trail and the Jaun De Fuca trail, amongst many others. After graduating from UWC, fueled by his passion for the outdoors and all things green, he moved to Montreal to pursue his studies in Earth Sciences and Economics within the School of Environment. Graced with the knowledge to both save and destroy our beautiful planet, he chose to remain on the good side, committing to conservation and introducing others to all the value contained within the Canadian wilderness. He’s super excited to guide incoming froshies through the Quebec backcountry, to share his random tree knowledge, and to hang out with everyone by the lake. And if we get lucky he might even do in a little Ukrainian dance routine (he’s a man of many talents).

2018 Leaders

Zoe Nadeau

Zoë has always been a little bit of a wildcard. Throughout the years she has been in a circus (as a unicyclist and acrobat), dabbled in the art of fencing, and managed an internationally renowned jazz band. Currently, she takes and leads pole dancing classes while spending her Sunday morning’s teaching swimming lessons to children with disabilities. She hails from the fine state of New Jersey (she says “Fight me New Yorkers”) so she doesn’t know how to pump gas, she judges corn and tomatoes that aren’t from NJ, and she strongly believes in the existence of central Jersey. At McGill, Zoë is studying Organizational Behaviour with a minor in Computer Science but by the time you read this it may be a major in Physiology with a double minor in Computer Science and Management—who knows, she doesn’t. Most of Zoë’s hikes are around Montreal and motivated by food or alcohol. She is kinda new to this whole hiking thing as NJ doesn’t have real mountains but last summer spent part of her time becoming a Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician in New Hampshire. Dealing with emergencies is one of her favorite things to do which she knows is a little weird. Zoë couldn’t be more excited to share her favorite spots in her favorite city with you froshies.

Troy Stuart

Troy hails from the small island of Bowen (close to Vancouver) where he lives a humble life. He climbs its mountain with his family every Sunday, would take his boat to high school in the mornings, and is scary quick with a chainsaw. He’ll be spending this summer building Pizza Huts (yolo) and doing local hikes like the Juan de Fuca trail, the two Lions, and of course the Chief. He’s also going to Vegas for a “cycling” trip. At McGill he studies Finance within the warm and welcoming confines of Bronfman (don’t let anyone tell you different), seeing sunlight mostly just for MOC meetings and their Ultimate intramural team. He spent last summer backpacking around Europe/actually being homeless because he’s cheap and brought back many a story for the trail. He’s super excited to be out in the wilderness hanging out with you froshies and tenting it up. He also speaks French and crappy German, how lovely.

Caleb Hoyne

Born in the woods of Vermont, Caleb has long felt more comfortable on the paths of the woods rather than any sidewalk. In Vermont he spent his childhood learning to make his own granola and binging Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Caleb has explored the outdoors and honed his talents on backpacking trips on the West Coast Trail, the Presidential Traverse, and the John Muir Trail. On these trips Caleb learned very important lessons, ranging from don’t wear cotton socks on a month-long hike to, if you put enough seasoning in a freeze-dried dinner, it’ll still taste bad. In addition to backpacking Caleb is a skiing, biking and canoeing enthusiast. Since moving to Montreal, Caleb pursues studies in Computer Science and Economics. He’s super excited to share his passion for the outdoors and Type 2 fun with all the Froshies.

Rosalie Valenklein

Rosalie is a 101 percent european with a strong lineage of Benelux small towners. The lineage was broken when her family moved to London where Rosalie learned to fast walk and dodge through tube stations, skills which became of great use for her pseudo hiking career. Her love for all hills started in a small Italian village and grew throughout the Chilean-Argentinian border. She has now made it to Canada, where its too cold to hike most of the time, so she codes, scribbles, boxes or studies international development instead. Luckily there is a perfect time for hiking known as frosh and she looks forward to meeting you all there!