Welcome to Camping Frosh! This is a 3-night option, where we will set camp at La Mauricie National Park with about 70 other froshies and a team of 10 leaders. We organizing hikes, wilderness survival skill workshops, team competitions, flatwater canoeing, and more! We will be camping out in tents and tarp shelters right by the water on a private campsite reserved just for Frosh. Camping Frosh is a place to relax, adventure around one of Quebec’s beautiful parks, and get to know one another!

Packing List


  • Sweater
  • One pair of shorts
  • One pair of long pants
  • Rain jacket/Poncho
  • Warm socks
  • Running shoes
  • Water shoes/crocs
  • Swimsuit


  • Sleeping bag
  • Water bottle
  • Hat
  • Towel

Utensils for meals will NOT be provided, so please bring the following:

  • Bowl/tupperware container
  • Fork
  • Knife
  • Spoon

2018 Coords

Brenda Thompson

Favorite outdoor activity: Going for a much deserved swim after hiking in the ‘dacks

Celebrity + vegetable: kim k + a hazelnut (kim k keeps it real, and nuts are just so earthy n honest)

Favorite place to go on the weekend: Wandering around the plateau!

Cool fact: Named after a sandwich (Brenda Lauren Thompson… BLT)


Cleo Gaillard

Favorite outdoor activity: swimming in a lake after a nice hike

Celebrity + vegetable: big sean + baby carrot

Favorite place to go on the weekend: Canal Lachine

Cool fact: I once participated in a national ping pong championship game.



2018 Leaders


Favorite outdoor activity: playing some soccer, playing some music or watching the stars!

Celebrity + vegetable: Maisie Williams/Marina & the diamonds + zucchini

Favorite place to go on the weekend: Gargano mountain, puglia, Italy!

Cool fact: I’ve never been beaten in a game of monopoly


Favourite outdoor activity: Long hikes with good company

Celebrity + Vegetable: Simone Biles + radish

Favourite place to go on the weekend: running and exploring the trails on Mount Royal

Cool fact: I started first year with my spleen and now I no longer have one


Favorite outdoor activity: Playing hockey on a frozen pond

Celebrity + Vegetable: Donald Glover + some baby spinach

Favorite place to go on the weekend: Cafe Santropol great sandwich great garden!!!

Cool fact: I’ve never eaten a kiwi



Favorite outdoor activity: rock climbing, backpacking, whitewater kayaking, or just chilling around a campfire

Celebrity + vegetable: leonardo dicaprio and brussel sprouts

Favorite place to go on the weekend: exploring cafes in the Plateau/mile end. Cozy environment + great coffee + wifi + good vibes (and you never run out of new coffee shops to check out)

Cool fact: I was named after a French comic-book hero! (Google “Valérian et Laureline”)


Favourite outdoor activity: swimming/kayaking/paddle boarding/anything in the water

Celebrity + vegetable: Shakira and a sweet potato.

Favourite place to go on the weekend: Mont Royal and Parc LaFontaine to run/tan/study/destress when it’s warm enough.

Cool fact: When I was little, I was a US National Park Service Junior Ranger! Also this year I got second place in a Chinese speech competition


Favourite outdoor activity: surfing, hiking, hammocks

Celebrity + vegetable: priyanka chopra (her hair is perfection on quantico, check it out) + baby carrots (w/ hummus)

Favorite place to go on the weekend: ultimate frisbee pick-up games

Cool fact: the shirt I’m wearing in this photo isn’t mine, it was left behind after an ultimate frisbee pick-up game in hawaii* and I “stole” it

*I am from hawaii.


Favourite outdoor activity: anything that involves skis (so stereotypically Swiss, I know)

Celebrity + vegetable: Federer (my absolute hero) and sweet potatoes (those got me through university I’m pretty sure)

Favourite place to go on the weekend: MOC House, where else?

Cool fact about myself: I survived a sock wrestling competition against last year’s Base Frosh co-coordinator