Why Outdoors Frosh?

Outdoors Frosh is an alternative frosh dedicated to introducing new students to each other and the outdoors in a safe manner. We think it’s the best time ever, but don’t take our word for it. Take it from our past froshies!

“Before participating in Outdoors Frosh, I loved being outside but I had very little experience with outdoor sports. Outdoors Frosh introduced me to whitewater kayaking in a safe environment and acted as a gateway to the outdoors club at McGill, where I learned to climb and trail run. Throughout the last two years, I’ve gotten more involved with the club, and I’m now the coordinator for the 2019 climbing option! The community of the MOC has been an invaluable resource to me throughout university, and I’ve made some of my best friends at McGill through Outdoors Frosh and the MOC. The club has given me a new appreciation for the outdoors and everything it has to offer and has grown my confidence by teaching me to step out of my comfort zone. Without the opportunities provided by Outdoors Frosh, I probably never would have joined MOC and discovered my passion for the outdoors or this amazing community.”

– Katie Fink, Whitewater Kayak Frosh 2017

“Outdoors Frosh was a truly amazing experience and the changes that happened from the first day exploring the city of Montreal during pre-frosh to the bus ride back on the last day were profound. Friendships grew stronger in proportion to how strongly we smelled – by the end, we were a close little family of biohazards. Outdoors Frosh brings together the best kinds of goofballs McGill has to offer!”

– Camille Jones, Hiking Frosh 2018

“Having grown up in major cities, I wouldn’t spend time in the outdoors on a regular basis. This has changed through the McGill Outdoors Club, an amazing community that values inclusion, fun, and the outdoors. I was so grateful for the experience I took from Outdoors Frosh that I became a leader for hiking frosh the next year. It made me discover a whole new lot of cool trails around Montreal, where I later took other McGillians. I’m looking forward to more adventures with the outdoors club over the next couple of years.”

– Rosalie Valenklein, Base Frosh 2017

“I joined Outdoors Frosh knowing I was going to have a good time. What I did not expect was for Outdoor Frosh to reaffirm my sense of belonging in McGill, Montreal and the outdoors itself. Outdoors Frosh helped me most by giving me the perspective I needed to look at this new level of academics in a better light and the confidence I needed to find new friends and expand my horizons. All in all, Outdoors Frosh practically changed how I viewed university, which did nothing but help me throughout the new experience.”

– Shant Donabedian, Hiking Frosh 2018

“As I trekked along lesser known hills of Southern Quebec, little did I know that I would be forging the purest friendships and creating the most spine-chilling memories that I would ever have in a long time. I conquered so many of my fears and sat beside a fire that made me think of beauty every night. I had only recently learned how to swim, but starting university with my first big jump into a lake in the wilderness was the best thing I could’ve given myself.”

– Sajneet Mangat, Hiking Frosh 2018