Packing List

It may seem scary, but in general you should aim to pack light so that everything fits in your backpack—you will not need a week’s worth of stylish clothing options!  These are the bare minimum essentials for a weekend outdoors.


If you don’t have a backpack, sleeping bag, or sleeping mat the McGill Outdoors Club has a some available to rent! Click here to see prices and policies!

  • Backpack (for Hiking 40L or larger)
  • Sleeping bag (small blankets are ok for Mountain Biking, Camping, Climbing, and Whitewater Kayaking)*
  • Sleeping mat (yoga mats are ok for Mountain Biking, Camping, Climbing, and Whitewater Kayaking)*
  • Pillow (Hiking and Canoeing please bring a travel pillow, a normal one will be too bulky. You could also use your backpack or a towel/sweater!)
  • Hammock or tent if you have one (we will have enough for everyone, but if you want more personal space by all means bring your own!)*
  • Optional – headlamp or flash light
  • A tupperware or rez clamshell*
  • Eating utensils (fork, knife, spoon)*
  • A rain jacket or poncho

* Not required for Mountain Biking frosh


  • 2 sets of clothes for active use (ie things you would wear to the gym and don’t mind getting dirty)
    • Climbing Frosh recommends spandex shorts or leggings to avoid harness wedgies
    • If possible avoid jeans—they are heavy, hinder mobility, not warm, and not comfortable when wet
  • 3 sets of socks and active underwear
  • A bathing suit and small towel
  • One set of warm clothes for night time (ie sweatshirt and long pants)
  • Sturdy, comfortable sneakers or hiking boots
  • Optional – a light pair of more comfortable shoes to wear around camp (crocs, flip flops, etc)
  • Whitewater Kayak Frosh: a wetsuit if you have it, shoes that will not fall off your feet and you do not mind getting wet (Keens, Tevas, old tennis shoes etc, NO CROCS OR FLIP FLOPS), a fleece or other non-synthetic layers that you can get wet (the water gets cold when you’re in it all day), plastic bags for wet clothing


  • A water bottle (preferably a liter or larger)
  • Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, menstruation products)
  • Any medications you take, including EpiPen
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses and/or hat
  • Bug spray
  • If there is rain in the forecast, we recommend putting everything you would like to stay dry in Ziplock bags. To stay organized, make separate labelled bags for underwear, toiletries, etc.
  • Personal snacks and drinks
  • Card games or similar you would like to share
  • Musical instruments for around the campfire (DO NOT bring these if you are on Canoeing or Hiking frosh)
  • Camera (please be careful on options with a lot of water or if it’s supposed to rain!)
  • Your shining personality and biggest smile!!!