Ayo! The Climbing Frosh option is a place for beginner outdoor climbers to learn the ropes, and for advanced climbers to hangout and meet some of the Outdoor Club’s finest. We will be setting up home-base at the McGill Outdoors Club house in Prévost, and spending the days out climbing in Val-David. We aim to set-up a range of difficulties for routes, as well as various safety and rope-work clinics for those interested. Experienced climbers (from both the organizers and froshies) are welcome to share their knowledge and enthusiasm for the sport! There will also be Club games played at the house, including, but not limited to, the infamous MOC body-bouldering and sock wrestling!

Packing list

3 x Spandex and shorts (or climbing pants)

2 x sports bra 

3 x underwear

3 x shirt (that you can sweat in)

3 x socks

1 shoes you can do light hiking in

All toiletries you need (eg. deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, diva cup/ tampons, shampoo, body soap –there is a shower)

All meds you may need

1 baseball cap ? (i like them)

1 hammock (if you have one)

1 musical instrument !

1 phone w/ charger (optional)

2018 Coord

Josephine Lavoie

Josephine is 3rd year physics student who loves the smell of wet rock. She also enjoys long walks on the canal Lachine, bike rides in the rain, and T-shirts. When she’s not pretending she can skateboard, you can usually find her on the Art’s Building steps soaking up the sun! Having been an outdoor froshie herself, she has found a home in the McGill Outdoors Club, and could not imagine spending these years with any other group of nerds.

2018 Leaders

Vardan Vandelaer

Off on his big adventure of a summer, Vardan has not had the time to write a bio. Luckily, I, the love of his life, am here for him. This guy is one of the sweetest most cuddly bears you’ve ever met. His social and caring nature have made him a dear friend to everyone he meets. I don’t know what he studies. I’m not even sure what year he’s in… I would guess 3rd year. Anyways, he’s recently found a passion for climbing, and you’re sure to fall in love with him!

Harry Rothberg

Meet Harry! He hails from the great state of Minnesota, where he first fell in love with everything outdoors. While at McGill University, Harry has been studying Environment. However, even with his rigorous studies, he finds lots of time to camp, hike, swim, and of course, climb! Harry is extremely excited for his first year as a leader with outdoor frosh and can’t wait to bring some froshies out climbing in Quebec!

Sarah Plenge

Sarah is an accident prone California native that will be entering her second year at McGill this fall. She joined the MOC after hiking frosh her first year. The only way she was going to survive the city is if she could get out of it every once in a while. Her love of the outdoors started when she was a kid, bodysurfing and swimming in the Pacific at home and hiking and skiing biannually on trips to Colorado. Prior to moving to Montréal, she took a gap year and trekked the Sierra Maestras in Cuba with tonsilitis and then went and surfed in the deserts of northern Peru for three months before she dinged her rib on a surfboard. She’s currently out for the next year(ish) because she ate it bombing a hill on her longboard near the Snowdon metro stop and tore her ACL, among other things. When she’s not busy crashing into things, Sarah enjoys traveling, her job as a dogwalker, being a terrible surfer and a half decent skier, studying anthropology, taking photos and writing crummy poetry. Our wonderful frosh leader Jo got her into climbing during the winter of her second semester at McGill, and although she isn’t able to show off her mad rookie skillz this time around, she looks forward to being one of your leaders on this year’s climbing frosh!