Ayo! The Climbing Frosh option is a place for beginner outdoor climbers to learn the ropes, and for advanced climbers to hangout and meet some of the Outdoor Club’s finest. We will set up home-base at the Alpine Club of Canada hut in Montagne D’Argent and spending the days out climbing, hiking, and swimming. We aim to set-up a range of difficulties for routes, as well as various safety and rope-work clinics for those interested. Experienced climbers (from both the organizers and froshies) are welcome to share their knowledge and enthusiasm for the sport! We will also play classic MOC games–including, but not limited to–the infamous MOC body-bouldering and sock wrestling!

2019 Coord



Outdoor nickname Benji

Program Biology


I’ve been climbing for 5 1/2 years. Lots of gym climbing, lots of outdoor climbing, and climbing wall instructor certified.

Where do you call home?

New Hampshire

What are you most excited for about your option?

To get as many people hyped and excited to get out climbing!

If you could be any body of water, what would you be?


Favourite camping meal 

Slightly burnt bagels and whatever anyone thought to bring

Fun fact!

I think Owls are really cool

2019 Leaders


Degree – U1 Biology


I’ve been climbing for five years now! I’ve done a lot of sport climbing, a touch of multi-pitch, and hope to get out ice climbing this winter.

What song describes your soul?

“Dead Sea” by the Lumineers

Voted most likely to….

Move to the moon when he runs out of rocks to climb on Earth


Broke a finger pinching a hold

Plays viola


Trail Name – Vannarchy

Degree – U2 Linguistics


I’ve done some top roping outdoors in Gatineau a couple of times, which was very fun and I highly recommend! More recently I went deep water soloing in upstate New York, which was fantastic and I plan on doing it again soon!

What song describes your soul?

“We Are the 21st-Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic” by Foxygen

If you could be any kind of tree, which one would you be and why?

Argan tree because goats love me

Voted most likely to….

Most likely to drown trying to save a bee from a lake


I once drank milk freshly milked from a horse, still warm! It was delicious.


Degree – U2 Environment and Development and Urban Geography